Swelock Asia co., Ltd., affiliated to Swelock
Fallskyddssystem AB of Sweden, came into being to serve the needs of customers by providing reliable fall-protection equipment made to the quality that complies with EU norms and certified of CE.
Swelock Asia Co., Ltd., is a leading manufacturer in Korea of fall protection equipment- a joint venture that combines advanced western technology and reputed Korean business disciplines.

Our products range basic fall protection equipment to those of specialist applications made from refined material and workmanship to the quality of international standards. The products include full body harnesses in various types, fall arrest systems, shock absorbing lanyards and anchorage connectors, and they are made out of carefully chosen materials with superb workmanship for the maximum safety and comfort of users.

When you consider the design, the material, the workmanship and the quality control program employed, which are all embodied in our products, you know you are buying a product that is safe and built to last.

We give our commitments to offering the best products that can be found in the market at a competitive price, and we look forward to becoming a reliable, respecful and reputable manufacturer most sought after by safety people around the world.